In all those cases in which a machine or plant seems to have reached the end of its economic life, but the market does not provide better technologies, instead of investing a large amount of money in new equipment that offers the same performance as the old one, Bierre Automazioni proposes  “revamping” the old machine/plant. Through software updates and sometimes small mechanical changes/improvements, every machine can be restored so that it can perform once again its own functions, ensuring high performance. All skills and competence of Bierre Automazioni staff are key to every revamping project that, managed by an expert technician, ends up in restoring the performance of the machine/plant.

Even when machines and/or equipment are transferred or even if it is necessary to extend or modify the functions of a machine or system, the ability and the innovative drive of Bierre Automazioni can generate unexpected results.

Each revamping project implies filling in and updating the necessary documentation, including the reports with risks assessments and technical files documentation concerning the plants declaration of conformity when necessary (e.g. Conformity CE)