Bierre Automazioni is a wonderful reality in Emilia Romagna, cooperating with large and medium Italian and international companies, offering them highly qualitative consulting services in the field of industrial automation.

Bierre Automazioni operates in fields such as PC/PLC software design, electrical and mechanical designmanufacture of electrical panelscommissioning and start-up, development of monitoring systems and software updatesindustrial robots, plants maintenance and revamping of old equipmentsupplying its own products and services to machine manufacturers (OEM) as well as end users (EU) operating in fields such as food industry (Food&Beverage)chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and in any other fields that require basic or high level of automation.

The strength of Bierre Automazioni is its staff: company's team is characterised by reliability and professionalism and is made up of more than 30 experts, including programmers, software and mechanical designers, capable of responding to the most sophisticated demands and of performing interventions and installations at customer's premises in due time all over the world (Europe, America, …)


The company was founded in Parma at the beginning of 1996, by Mario Rossi and Luciano Bedotti, to provide consulting services, PLC and PC programming and trial testing services at customer's premises for important companies manufacturing machines in Parma and Reggio Emilia.

Over the years, the types of machines and plants on which Bierre Automazioni intervened are very numerous, varying from Packaging (filling lines / packaging lines, transport and palletization of bulk and packaged products) to Food Industry (Food&Beverage), including not only  food processing machines but also  cooling plants for fruit and vegetable stores and for meat processing. Now, after almost 20 years of work, experience and professional achievements, Bierre Automazioni can be proud of its impressive curriculum.



The company's management is Customer oriented: the same Team and the same Manager assist the Customer throughout the entire project, from kick-off to final testing. In this way, communication problems and discontinuity are reduced to a minimum, while operational flexibility, efficiency and mutual knowledge are maximized.

The equipment and Software versions used by Bierre Automazioni are continuously updated, so as to ensure optimal response to customer's innovation demands.

The internal workshop is equipped for manufacturing Electrical Panels of various sizes and can perform any type of testing on these panels.

Bierre Automazioni offers full testing and final commissioning services all over the world, thanks to the flexibility of its organisational structure and to its experience gained over the years in fields like design, installation and site management.

Bierre Automazioni has its headquarter in Parma right in the heart of Food Valley, in one of the most important districts in design and manufacturing of processing and packaging machines and systems.